“Kickstarter countdown.”

We are at a point now where we know what our costs will be and how we want to approach publishing. We are going the self publishing route, using kickstarter as a way to gauge how deeply to dive into production. We are new to using kickstarter in this way, but we feel like we have set some reasonable dates for delivery, our retail price point went up by a couple dollars, to cover kickstarter fees. We’ve added some backer levels to allow people to change the flavor text of the businesses. We are setting our funding point fairly low (way below what manufacturing the entire run would cost) because we plan to produce them even if kickstarter backers don’t cover the entire production cost of the first run. If we manage to get 50 people who want to support the project, we want to guarentee that they will get the game. Keep an eye out for the news that it has started and drop in and back us.